Dry Docking is a procedure that is used to inspect, repair and maintain ships and boats. The boat is lifted up out of the water to allow mechanics to inspect and repair the parts of the boat that have been submerged.

In the world of liveaboard although this is her 3rd year of voyage, Tiaré Cruise Luxury Liveaboard is still considered to be a new boat. Finishing the building in early 2017, Tiaré made her first sail on July 24th 2017. Over the course of 26 months Tiaré has made 53 trips serving over 500 guests. Being a PHINISY boat although she is still relatively new and made of strong TEAK “iron” wood, maintenance remains one of the top priorities to keep not only her beauty but also to make sure that everything runs smoothly during voyage. Besides the little maintenances in between trips, Tiaré also does regular Dry Docking annually.

Tiaré during Dry Dock in July 2019

What Needs To Be Done During Dry Docking?

1. Cleaning the Hull, Propellor & Anchor

Being underwater 365 days a year, the hull, propellor and anchor need to be cleaned and rid of rust.

2. Body check and repainting

Lifting her up out of the water, her body can be fully inspected.

The old paint will be scraped away before applying a fresh coat, then she is ready with a fresh look.

3. Engine maintenance

Although Tiare is a sailboat, she relies mainly on her engines for navigation.

During the dry dock, engines are inspected thoroughly.

Preventative maintenance reduces the chance of failure at sea.

4. Fumigation

Being a wooden boat, no bugs of any kind are allowed onboard Tiare. Fumigation is essential to keep them away.

5. Navigation

All of the navigation equipment must be checked and fully functioning and fit for sailing such the marine radar, satellite navigation, navigation map, navigation compass, marine VHF radio, etc.

6. Check & Maintain the Water Maker

Imagine sailing without water on board!

7. Other maintenance such as:

Speedboat, liferafts, safety equipment, compressors for air & nitrox and replacing the old sails with the new ones.

These are a few things that need to be done during dry docking.

Who would have thought that dry docking was so important?

Tiare Luxury Liveaboard after Dry Dock & ready to sail


The Banda Sea and Raja Ampat Season are here. Schools of Hammerhead sharks await us in Banda this October followed by the marine life rich water of Raja Ampat right after. Before moving to Banda, Tiaré will do her last Komodo trip for this year finishing in Alor. Last cabin in these trips are offered at

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“It has been a great experiences with Tiare liveaboard! We had good room, good food, good divings and good company! The room is always clean and cozy, the food is something that should not appear on a boat, dive sites and times would be chosen so that we do not have crowded divers underwater, and everyone onboard is always helpful and nice. It is the best liveaboard experience I have ever had! Thank you!”

Sharon (Xiaoyuan)