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Q: How to get to
A: ALOR: Best to fly to Bali and from Bali you will need to fly to Kupang. Present flight schedule require you to overnight in Kupang before arrive in Alor.

LABUAN BAJO: You can take international flight to Jakarta or Bali and then take a domestic flight to Bajo

MAUMERE: Youneed to take a domestic flight from Bali. The flight is about 1.5 hours

SORONG: Book your international flight to Jakarta or Bali and then take a domestic flight to Sorong. There are several direct flights from Jakarta to Sorong departing between 00.00-01.00am.

FORGOTTEN ISLAND: Best international airport to fly to if you want to reach Forgotten Island is Jakarta. Because even from Jakarta, you will still need to take couple domestic flights to reach Saumlaki Airport.

TIPS: allow at least 3 hours between international and domestic flight


Q: What is the embarkation and disembarkation time?
A: CHECK IN time is at 12:00hr for all destinations. But due to limited flight to certain embarkation points, if you arrive early in the morning starting at 6.00am, our crew will pick you up directly and transfer you to the boat. In a normal condition, the boat is ready to depart by 14:00hr as clearance process is done prior to guest’s arrival. However, this may depend on the Harbor Master. A delay in departure may occur in an unforeseen circumstances due to Harbor Master’s decision.

CHECK OUT time is at 09:00hr. Please check with the Tiare’s reservation team before you book your domestic flight that depart before 09:00hr.


Q: What is the minimum diving certification required?

A: All certifications are welcome on board. We have 3-4 dive guides on each trip and we divide the diving based on guests diving experience so everyone can enjoy their time underwater whether you are a newbies or experience divers with thousands of dives under your belt


Q: What is the ratio of dive guide with guest?

A: 1 dive guide take maximum 4 guests underwater


Q: How much extra baggage for domestic flight costs?

A: Depends on the distance it cost between IDR 20,000-70,000 Garuda Indonesia gives additional 23kg/person for diving equipment on top of their 20kg/person luggage allowance for economy class.


Q: Will we be able to visit the islands during our cruise?

A: Yes.

  • On Komodo cruise you will visit either Komodo or Rinca Island to see the dragons at their natural habitat.
  • On Raja Ampat Trip you will visit Piaynemo the famous view point to see from the top the lagoon with many small islands beneath.
  • In Alor you will be able to visit traditional house where the local people live and there will be dance performance as well.
  • Banda Sea you will visit the Fort Belgica the Dutch fort built on Banda (or Bandaneira) Island, the main island of the Banda Islands. You will also meet the local people of the island that was once trade by the Dutch.


Q: My family are non-divers, will they enjoy the trip?

A: Absolutely! On any itinerary we choose (except for the Banda Sea) they can do snorkelling, beach and islands visit, kayaking, paddle boarding, barbeque dinner on the beach.


Q: How much discount I get if I booked two consecutive trips?
A: Absolutely! You will get 10% discount for the 2nd trip

Q: I book back to back trip with Tiare, can I stay and sleep on the boat between the trips?
A: We are sorry to say “no” for this request.
Our crew use this time to clean and prepare the boat for the next trip. These are also the only days off they have for every few months being on board. Trust you can understand this.

Q: How much discount I get if I am repetitive guest

A: Absolutely! You will get 5% discount for the 2nd trip whit us.

and 5% discount plus Free Nitrox t for 3rd to 4th Trip whit Tiare Cruise

and 7% discount  plus Free Nitrox for the 5th trip and so on


Q: What Should I Bring?


  • cloth that suitable for tropical weather
  • swimsuit
  • your favorite dive gears (for divers)
  • hat
  • sunglass
  • sandal that suit for light trekking
  • sunblock – please choose the Eco-Friendly one. We love our coral and want to keep them healthy !!
  • mosquito repellent for island visit.
  • some Rupiah (Indonesian currency) if you want to buy souvenirs from the local people. No money changer on the island yet ?


Q: How can I pay my on board expenses?

A: We accept IDR, US$ and EUR cash as well VISA & Master cards payment. Kindly note 3% fee applied for payment by credit card.


Q: I don’t have dive equipment, can I rent them on board?

A: Sure, you can check the rental price/item or full set on the following link: Dive Gear Rental


Q: How much tip should I give to the crews?

A: Tipping is based on satisfaction level, but as you will experience, our crew will do their best to make sure you enjoy a safe and comfortable trip. Usually our crews receive 10% ++ tip of the cruise price.

One of Tiare value is team work, therefore we request guests to give tip for the whole crews and not give individual tip.
The reason is, there are only few numbers of crew who involved in serving the guests directly like the chef, cruise directors, dive guides, & stewards. But actually behind the screen the whole crews are involved in making your trip smoothly. These “invisible“ team include:
– engineer who regularly check the machine and fill your tanks as well make sure each part of the boat work properly,
– deck officers who take turn drive the boat including during night shift,
– dinghy boys who waiting for you under the sun while you are underwater.
They also make sure the whole boats and dinghies are clean during your trip.
The only time you can see all of them work together is when they carry guests diving equipment from the boat to the dinghies and vice versa.


Q: What the water temperature will be?

  • Komodo 26 – 28ºC in the North and it can reach 20ºC in the South
  • Alor Mostly 25-26 ºC but there will be couple dive sites with 20-21ºC temperature
  • Banda & Ambon 26-29 ºC
  • Raja Ampat 28-30ºC


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