Forgotten Islands & Banda Sea

Is one of our more remote destinations where time seems to stand still.

The Forgotten islands are part of the Maluku Tenggara which  is a 1.000 km chain of archipelagos running from East Timor to Western Papua. Undeveloped, distant from population centers and far off any beaten path, these “Forgotten Islands” have been largely isolated from the rest of the world. If you don’t like to run into any other liveaboard cruise you  could  imagine yourself as the only person in the world on one of old trade ships. Then this is the route for you. We will be diving some unexplored reefs. But also visit an area  where we have spotted hammerhead schooling. Ever seen an active volcano? We can guarantee you an explosion. We like to hang around for the sun to set, so we can see the red hot lava roll down the slope into the water.

We plan four expeditions each year in November/April. One itinerary starts in Maumere (Flores) and ends in Saumlaki, in the Tanimbar Islands, and another trip returns along the same or a similar route. Detailed itineraries in this area may be subject to change according to weather and diving conditions and other factors.

Dive Areas:

… we have secret dive spots

More info:

Water temperature: 22-28°C. A 3mm shorty should be sufficient for Ambon but the Banda Sea  can cool down a lot a 5mm fullsuit is advisable.

Airport: Saumlaki (SXK) or Tanimbar . International flight to Jakarta or Bali and then domestic flight to Ambon, than Saumlaki. Maumere (MOF)

Time zone: GMT +8.

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The itineraries may vary depending on weather conditions, flight timetables and other unforeseen circumstances.