Flores to Alor

The remote and unspoiled islands of  Adunara, Lembata, Pantar and Alor are East of Flores.

They are probably one of Indonesia’s best kept diving secrets. From incredible muck dive sites to impressive walls, crystal clear water to black volcanic sand sites, into stronger currents with thousands of reef fish. The Indonesian government has recently agreed to protect the area in order to secure a safe route for migrating cetaceans which pass through the straits on their migration to the feeding grounds in the deep waters of the Banda Sea.

More info:

Water temperature: 22-28°C. A 3mm shorty should be sufficient for Flores but it can cool down a lot in the Pantar strait; a 5mm shorty is advisable over a 3mm full suit.

Airport: Maumere (MAF). International flight to Jakarta or Bali and then domestic flight to Maumere.

Time zone: GMT +8.

Dive Areas:

Adunara Island. Eastern Flores has some famous dive sites such as Magic Log where ribbon eels and frogfish are common. The very rare weedy scorpionfish (Rhinopias) has been found here, as has the wonderpus octopus. There is still a lot of unchartered territory to discover in this region.

Lembata Island. Is also well worth diving exploration. Schools of fusiliers, angelfish and many different parrotish species are common. Gorgonian seafans, host pygmy seahorses. Surrounding seas of Lamalera could also hold cetacean surprises.

Alor. Dive spot-names like “The Bullet” give some hints what diving in Alor is like: Big staff and currents, which are sometimes so strong that you have to pay attention. But do not worry: our divemasters know how to adjust the diving to the abilities of their groups. Don’t forget we also  provide the Enos transmitter for your localization in the unlikely case you miss the group!

As the direction and intensity of the currents changes quite often, you may have had a relaxing dive in the morning and find the same spot in the afternoon resembling a washing machine.

The strait between Pantar and Alor  acts like a gigantic jet propelling waters from the Flores Sea in the north to the Savu Sea in the south. You will only find similar conditions around Komodo.

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