care for your safety

Diving & Safety Equipment

Our team want you to have a safe and enjoyable diving experience whilst on Tiaré.

In addition, you will only dive if the weather and sea conditions are good and every diver’s skill level and experience is taken into account.

Only 4 divers are permitted in each dive group and PADI standards are adhered to at all times.

Each diver is fitted with an electronic rescue and location system and a waterproof pocket with a cell and whistle.



  • d12/15 litre aluminium cylinders, plus 7 litre tanks for those who want less weight on their back
  • Either air or Nitrox 32
  • All cylinders are fitted with INT/DIN adaptable valves
  • 15 diving station located aft with little box for small gear and 1 big box under each seat
  • 15 pool towels located aft, fresh and clean every morning
  • 2 hot showers located aft
  • 2 diving boat , 6 meters and 90 HP each, 6 diver stations each, hot tea and coffe
  • 1 Rubber Dinghy, 4,5 meters and 15 HP dedicated for snorkelers


  • 15 beacon ENOS plus, 1 receiving station for rescue*
  • * The beacon will be installed on each customer’s BCD, while the receiving station is on the diving boat. If customer has problems on surface, he may activate the bacon, the receiving station report his positions.
  • 40 Life Jackets
  • 2 Life-raft carrying 45 people 
  • 1 oxigen tank on main boat
  • 1 oxigen tank on diving boat and emergency kit
  • Fire detector system
  • 1 hydrant
  • Fire ball extinguisher