Where We Dive

Komodo, Raja Ampat, Triton Bay, Halmahera, Flores to Alor & Banda Sea, Forgotten Island

We work with only the best scuba divers to ensure that you spend a hassle-free holiday diving.
Our goal is to meet your needs as a diver as well as a guest on our luxury cruise.

We aim to build lasting relationships with you and also allow you to bond with your diving buddies by providing the highest quality services.

We believe our cruise destinations speak for themselves, browse our most recent projects below.

Indonesia diving cruises are unforgettable. In our opinion, and after 20 years of diving experience, Indonesia is the world’s best country for sea life and has more marine diversity than anywhere on earth. In the middle of the ‘Coral Triangle’ that extends from Australia to the Philippines and from  Borneo to the South Pacific, this country is the ocean’s heart, where, due to the Wallacea, the marine variety suggests when life in the sea began.

While sailing on Tiarè you can experience all the amazing fish and all marine life in these nutrient-rich seas, encounter  big pelagics around the cool waters of Komodo, drift over colourful fields of coral in Raja Ampat, be astonished at the enormous school of fish in the Banda Islands and   shoot the bizarre creatures around Moluku islands.

Raja Ampat cruises allow you to explore the most biodiverse waters on the planet, breath-taking panorama, diving pristine, remote and sometime unknown sites with all the comforts of a luxury liveaboard safari. Komodo is a prime destination; plenty of fish action, as well as the promise of mantas, sharks and more, plus of course a treking to Komodo National Park with a ranger to see Komodo dragons or, better, to meet wild dragon along a Rinca shore (very impressive). Some trips will take you further afield to places like Cenderawasih Bay to see whalesharks or Triton Bay in West Papua, Forgotten Island in Banda sea for hammerhead, where boats are few and only genuine pleasure-seeking divers are to be found. Fantastic times are assured.

Its not a question of only diving…. we like to meet local people too!

You will meet new people from different cultures and classes not only onboard the Tiarè but we want you to experience some of the real Indonesia.
Not easily accessible while staying in the more touristic areas.

Code of Conduct for Divers

These rules are designed to protect our wildlife and natural resources and ensure your dives are safe, enjoyable and educational.